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Equipment Range

Vinvicta Services offers a range of viticultural equipment and machinery. We are proud to announce that we are the Australian dealership for Boisselet viticultural equipment, specialising in machinery and tools for working the soil between and under vines. Based in Burgundy, Boisselet have been offering sustainable, environmentally sound tailored solutions for managing your vineyard for over 50 years.  Our range also includes ARVIPO pruning equipment and more.




Boisselet Adjustable Frame

Adjustable Frame with tools




Arvipo PS100

The Acolyte 150

A unique offering in the cultivation equipment sector, with over 130 in operation world wide. Adaptable to most tractors.

  • Acolyte 150+ is a full option kit
  • Power pack with 3 pumps (Tools, driving wheels and all rams: tilt, width extension, tool bar lifting)
  • Joystick and electric control
  • Auto centering drive
  • Driving wheel (the external wheel)
  • Tool bars

Tractor Mounted Frame

Boisselet manufacture frames to deal with row widths from 1.3m through to 3.5m.  Frames are high quality and durable, built to work in the toughest of soil conditions.

  • Up to 1 meter width adjustment
  • Front or rear mount
  • With or without power pack
  • Tool bars included
  • 3 lengths available depending on tool requirements


A large range of independent hydraulic powerpacks are available that make it possible to adapt tractor mounted frame to most tractors.

Consult us to define:

  • pump sizes/dimensions
  • number of pumps
  • tank capacity
  • electric cooler options

Side mounted Frames

Frames to mount mid tractor for one or two sided operations

Boisselet Tools

There are a wide range of tools for intervine cultivating and mowing. The tools are mounted to Boisselets hydraulic servo motors for full effect under the vine. We can also offer the Finger weeder and Rolhacker tools for beside the vine cultivation for faster speeds. View full range of Boiselet Tools



Arvipo Range

With the new Cut Proof system

PS110: Powerful and Robust

  • Weight: 945g
  • Cutting time: 0.31s
  • Maximum cutting torque: 200 Nm
  • Diameter max. of cutting: 40 mm
  • Cutting type: Progressive and double opening
  • Battery: LITHIUM 5.2 Ah
  • Full harness weight: 2.350 Kg
  • Autonomy: More than one working day
  • Warranty: 3 year

XS70: Light as a feather

  • Weight: 682g
  • Cutting time: 0.21s
  • Maximum cutting torque: 150 Nm
  • Diameter max. of cutting: 35 mm
  • Cutting type: Progressive and double opening Closing regulation
  • Battery: LITHIUM 3.2 Ah
  • Full harness weight: 1.965 Kg
  • Autonomy: More than one working day
  • Warranty: 3 years*

Technical Information

To provide an accurate quotation for your needs, please complete our ‘Technical and Vine Information’ form for your vineyard and tractor specifications.

Maintenance & Service

Vinvicta Services offer annual maintenance and breakdown support for all your equipment. 

  • Programmed maintenance schedule and quick response with breakdown support.
  • A team of experienced technicians specialising in electrical and mechanical installation and service and breakdown requirements.

Want to Trade-In Or Sell Your Used Equipment?

We offer trade-ins for used winery equipment on most models.

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