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Equipment Demonstrations and More

Boisslet Acolyte full option kit promotional video.

Boisselet Acolyte Filmatic cutter heads working the soil, Yarra Valley.

Bucher Vaslin Delta Evolution Destemming shiraz, sorted by Delta Rflow.

Niko Caterpillar Tractor HY40 with Boisselet toolbar with Cutmatic blade.

Pinot Noir destemming through Bucher Vaslin Delta Oscillys.

Interview with Peter Dillon, Senior Winemaker, Handpicked Wines. 

Demonstration of a complete Costral bottling line 3000bph.

Single side disk attached to a small simple frame cultivating soil.



We have successfully been showcasing our range of winery and viticultural equipment on offer across Victoria and beyond. Vinvicta Services Sales Team can assist you in answering any questions you have or you can request a demonstration.

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