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Bucher Vaslin Authorised Dealership

Bucher Vaslin

Equipment Range

Vinvicta Service is the authorised Bucher Vaslin dealership in Victoria, Tasmania and the Sunraysia region. From small presses to large we find a tailored solution to your winery needs. Have you got a project in mind?

Grape Presses

Bucher Vaslin xplus_8_2
Bucher XPlusIT

Grape Destemmers

Delta Oscillys 200

Grape Sorting

Bucher Vaslin Delta Rflow
Delta Rflow

Wine Filtration

Bucher Vaslin fx3ics _6

Cross-flow filters Flavy FX 2/3 ICS

Reception Equipment

Delta TR Elevator

Bucher Pneumatic Closed Tank Presses

  • From 5Hl to 750Hl
  • Includes the Xpro, Xplus IT and Xpert IT range

Bucher JLB – Basket Press

  • Available in 3 sizes 5, 12 and 20 Hl
  • Fully automated and super gentle pressing

Sutter Pneumatic Press

  • Available in 23, 35 and 50Hl sizes
  • Complete stainless steel construction, with slotted screens

Delta Oscillys range

  • The number one destemmer for the ultimate gentle handling of fruit
  • Through put of 1.5t/h to 20t/h

Destemmers Delta Evolution 2

  • Latest release in the Delta E series
  • Designed for fragile fruit but adaptable for all varieties
  • Flow rates of up to to 4t/h, gentle mode

Destemmers Delta 2-10

  • From 2 t/h through to 100t/h
  • Covers all winery’s needs

Delat F series Crushers 

  • The FC1 and F20 are standalone crushers mounted either on trolleys or elevators
  • Throughput 5 to 25 t/h
  • The F2 and F4 crushers are matched to the Delta E2 and E4
  • Throughput 15 to 20 t/h
  • Delta FC 6,8 &10 models are matched to the Delta E6, E8 and E10 Destemmers
  • Throughput 50 to 100 t/h

 Delta Rflow

  • Mechanical sorting though vibrating tables and high-speed belt and air blade
  • Flow rate of up to 15t/h
  • Removes vegetal residue (leaf stalk etc.) as well as shot berries, raisins, and split berries

Delta Vistalys HD

  • Optical sorting up to 10t/h
  • Unmatched for consistent and accurate berry sorting by colour and shape
  • Eliminates all Mog

 Delta Trio XS/XM/XL/XXL

  • Flow rates of up to 6t/h (XS) 15t/h ( XM) 25t/h ( XL) 60t/h ( XXL)
  • Roller sorting to remove stem, petioles, leaf etc. post destemming
  • Patient design to adjust space between rollers
  • Can have Delta E2 (evolution), E4 and E6 destemmer mounted above

 Delta Vibrating Tables

  • From 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters long and flow rates from 3t/h to 25t/h
  • With options of multiple grids, interchangeable grids and grid spacing the Delta TRV gives great separation for juice, small unwanted matter and the ability to effectively hand sort.

The Flavy Range

The FX ICS 2/3 and Flavy X-Wine 4-10 for still wine

  • Flow rates from 2400 l/h (FX2), 3600 l/h (FX3), 4800 l/h (X-Wine4), 7200 l/h (X- Wine 6),  9600l/h (X-Wine 8), 12000 l/h (X- Wine 10) on white wines.
  • Flow rates from 1000 l/h (FX2), 1500 l/h (FX3), 2000 l/h (X-Wine4), 3000 l/h (X- Wine 6),  8000l/h (X-Wine 8), 10000 l/h (X- Wine 10) on red wines with no enzyme treatment.

Respecting the organoleptic structure and quality of your wine with a single pass (body, character, length, etc.). The filtered wine is typically brilliant (<0.3 NTU).


  • Minimal temperature increase
  • Decreased oxidation (operations carried out with inert gas leading to minimal DO pickup) & retention of CO2
  • Preservation of colour
  • Reduced wine loss (average .05%),  low dead-end volumes
  • Maintenance of good flow rates through gentle, pressure controlled filtering and back washing
  • Significant reduction of operational cost through limited labour cost
  • Low water usage for cleaning, very low power consumption

Options: Many additional options available to optimise your filter for your production requirements.

Please enquire to find out more.

The FX ICS 2/3 and Flavy X-Treme 4-10 for Juice Lees

There is also the additional option of lees filtration available. This option allows up to 90% of normally discarded cold settled – Juice lees volumes to be used which will retain their integrity in aroma and freshness.

  • Flow rates from 500 l/h (FX2), 750 l/h (FX3), 1000 l/h (X-Treme4), 1500 l/h (X- Treme 6),  2000 l/h (X-Wine 8), 2500 l/h (X- Treme 10) on Juice lees.

The Flavy Leestar

  • Designed to filter high solid content such as fining lees, retenate from Xflow filters and centrifuge sludge
  • Rocovery rate of up 96% on production containing 45% of VSS

Please enquire to find out more.

The Flavy ML range

Reverse osmosis units with flow rates from 200-1200 l/h depending on model.

Applications of:

  • Concentration of grape must
  • Wine concentration
  • Reduction of sugar content in must
  • Reduction of ethylphenols in wine

Grape Receival Hoppers

  • Delta AEV range of Vibrating hoppers
  • Capacity from 3000l to 150,000l
  • Efficient draining into large juice tray
  • Pneumatic door, safe and easy to use

Delta TR and TRE Elevators 

  • Belt width from 300- 600mm available
  • Available from 2.5 to 8m in length
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable speed drive as standard
  • Quick release of belt for easy cleaning
  • Many hopper designs to suit your specific needs

Delta PMV Must Pumps and PM Pumping Hoppers

  • 3 to 100t/h- depending on model
  • Ultrasonic level sensor for smooth operation and piece of mind
  • Variable speed drive
  • Smooth transfer of grapes

Delta DP Peristaltic Pump 

  • The Delta DP pump is a peristaltic pump with two functions: pump for fresh grapes and wine
  • Liquid flow of 1.5 to 35 m³/h
  • Variable speed drive
  • Wireless remote
  • Barrel filling option

Maintenance & Service

Vinvicta Services offer annual maintenance and breakdown support for all your equipment.

  • Programmed maintenance schedule and quick response with breakdown support.
  • A team of experienced technicians specialising in electrical and mechanical installation and service and breakdown requirements.

“We wanted to learn as much as we could about the equipment. Vinvicta were onboard right through the process for the first week and any other time we would need them.” Peter Dillon, Senior Winemaker, Handpicked Wines, Mornington Peninsula.

Want to Trade-In Or Sell Your Used Equipment?

We offer trade-ins for used winery equipment on most models.

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