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Arvipo Electric Pruning Shears 
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Arvipo Electric Pruning Shears

Arvipo PS 100 Lithium

 - The only pruning shears in the market with a cutting head mounted on armoured bearings. protected by a patent of the manufacturer.

- The only electric shears that does not need to be adjusted daily or greased and lubricated in the cutting head. All others must be greased, fix and tightened at least 4 or 5 times a day

- The head mechanism is very strong and compact and does not need to be maintained until after the first 500,000 cuts, No daily maintenance (only once a year).

- The steel of blades is a very high hardness to withstand the internal pressure of the bearings, The cutting blade has extraordinary durability and with low wear, which also is a very tough material that can undergo great twist without breaking.

 - The ergonomic handle of the shear and the "air soft" rubber makes it a very comfortable grip preventing slipping. Its weight is well balanced to improve performance and prevent fatigue. It doesnt heat up in your hand!

 - The cable comes from the shoulder preventing the cable from getting caught in the branches or in the way that the user can cut it. 

 - The Shears are connected to the cable with a ball joint for added flexibility.

  - The changing of the blade opening size is very intuitive and fast by holding down the trigger for 0.5 seconds. There are no additional switches to be manipulated. Everything is controlled by the trigger. Progressive cutting movement and double opening.

 - In the harness the control box and battery are separated to reduce repair and maintenance costs

 - Very lightweight harness inspired by the "camel bags" of mountain hikers. We really have the very comfortable feeling of having nothing on the back.

 - The LED display is attached to the strap of the backpack to easily see the reference data. remaining battery percentage, total cuts and daily cuts. Requires the operator to use two hands to start up the machine as a safety measure.

 - Ability to exchange two different sets of blades. 

- High strength and cutting power combined with a very long battery life (2days) for  independence.

A number of wineries have trialled these and couldn't believe the comfort, ease of use & power!

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