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Bucher Vaslin - Quality Equipment


Bucher Vaslin technological innovations have always provided production profitability and cost optimization. Bucher Vaslin awareness of market challenges leads to design innovation and  selective and efficient solutions aimed at your success.

New Equipment includes:

Optical Grape Sorting - Quality reception

The Delta Vistalys range gets wider - Bucher Vaslin is launching the Delta Vistalys R1 optical sorting solution, the new model of the Vistalys range specifically adapted to small wineries. The objective is to remove all the undesirable materials other than grapes with a capacity going up to 5t/h.

Cross-flow filtration of tank bottoms – Flavy Leestar

The idea originally comes from the use of a cross-flow filter equipped with stainless steel, tubular membranes. Those membranes are specifically adapted to the filtration of « tank bottoms ». Long-lasting, hard-wearing, the latter tolerate viscous, abrasive fluids (like bentonite, activated charcoal…) as much as fluids containing a large amount of solids.
This innovation, dedicated to large wineries, wine traders and bottling companies, brings along true improvement in terms of quality, respect of the environment, safety and return on investment.

Destemming via swinging pendulums - the Delta Oscyllis

Bucher Vaslin presents an innovative and exclusive destemming system based on an ample swinging motion of one or two cages to separate the grapes from the stems by inertia. The Delta Oscyllis ensures an efficient and qualitative destemming by preserving the integrity of the stems.

Success rewarded Research & Development - Bucher-Vaslin equipment regularly wins awards, that is true, but the best reward is enhanced productivity and quality and the creation of added-value for our customers.  Please see the - Bucher Vaslin  -  Overview Brochure

Vinvicta is the Agent for Vaslin Bucher in Victoria,  Murray River Area, and Tasmania


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