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Vinvicta are proud distributors of this iconic Australian wine industry brand in Victoria & Tasmania.  

In 2001, engineer and vineyard owner Tony Flecknoe-Brown devised, developed and later patented the application of oxygen permeable polymers for use in the winemaking industry using ultra-clean, food-grade polyethylene to construct specially-designed, oxygen permeable maturation vessels. Moving from initial trials to rapid commercial adoption, Flexcube was born.

The mission, was to replicate and improve on, traditional, expensive oak barrels. Since then, Flexcube has gained wide acceptance from winemakers, even in traditional markets. Most high-end red wines and some styles of white wines are matured in oak barrels to impart oak character and add complexity, as well as softening the wine.

This process involves the exposure of the wine to oak flavours, aromas and tannins and also to low levels of oxygen delivered via the barrel staves, bung and head boards. Both components of barrel ageing - oxygenation and flavour absorption - are critical to the maturation process.

With an oak barrel, both flavour and oxygen permeability decreases rapidly over the first four to five years, at the end of which time the barrel becomes effectively useless and is usually discarded. Flexcube’s maturation vessels exactly mimic the oxygen permeability of traditional oak barrels BUT, unlike oak barrels, oxygen permeability levels remain constant over time, providing an almost unlimited lifespan of reliable performance.

When coupled with oak staves, Flexcube’s system replicates the barrel environment for maturation, with advantages in cost, quality, consistency, hygiene and versatility. 

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