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Cross Flow filtration - Onsite 
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Cross Flow filtration - Onsite

Vinvicta are pleased to offer a mobile new generation Bucher Vaslin Flavy FX3 crossflow filter for filtering at your site. Crossflow filtration with the Flavy FX3 offers a range of benefits including:
• Respecting the organoleptic structure & quality of your wine with a single pass (body, character, length, etc). The filtered wine is typically brilliant (<0.3 NTU)
• Minimal temperature increase
• Decreased oxidation (operations carried out with inert gas leading to minimal DO pickup), & retention of CO2
• Preservation of colour
• Reduced wine loss and water consumption
• Maintenance of good flow rates through gentle , pressure controlled filtering and back washing

There is also the additional option of lees filtration available. This option allows up to 90% of normally discarded cold settled - Juice lees volumes to be used which will retain their integrity in aroma and freshness.

Filter Specifics

The Flavy FX3 has specifically developed PES (organic, hydrophilic poly-ether-sulphone) wine membranes that are rated 0.2um nominal. This gives filtered wine a very low NTU - less than 0.3NTU.

Specified flow rates for the Flavy FX3 are 1500-4,000L per hour, which depends greatly on the makeup and turbidity of the wine to be filtered. Generally, most white wines filter faster than reds, and very low temperatures, or high sugar /botrytis content can sometimes cause a slower filtration.

The Flavy FX3 has a computer controlled volumetric feed pump that automatically adjusts flow rate to ensure constant and minimal pressure in the filter. Clogging is prevented by small & frequent ‘back pulses'. Back pulses are either immediately re-incorporated into the wine to be filtered, or, conveyed into a holding tank.

The filter is fully automatic, with programmed declogging, washing, and intermediate rinsing intervals designed to regenerate the membrane and keep consistency in flow rates.


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