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Vinvicta Services - Mobile Cross Flow Filtration

Vinvicta Services now offer a mobile cross flow to filter your wine or juice lees on site.


The new technology Bucher Vaslin FX 3 Cross flow filter is renowned for economical and gentle filtering. Bucher has been developing & working with cross-flow filters for more than 23 years. The filtering process is unique and very gentle with the pressure across the membrane being very closely controlled. 

The main advantages of filtering your wine with a cross flow are that the minimal filtration impacts in comparison with traditional methods like earth filtration. There is only a single filter pass and little wine loss as there is no medium to be dumped (OHS & waste issues). The wine is emptied from the filter using inert gas to preserve maximum quality, there are low water requirements for operation, there is minimal exposure to high pressures and temperature changes. Both wine quality, and filtration time and costs can be dramatically reduced. 

The filter available has three 12m2 modules with 1.5mm capillaries that typically filter 2-4,000L of wine per hour. The organic, hydrophilic polyethersulfon (PES) membrane with its asymmetrical structure and pore diameter of 0,2 μm is specifically designed for wine filtration. The filter has on board automatic cleaning and rinsing.



 In addition to all the benefits described above, the ability to crossflow filter juice lees allows up to 90% of lees volume which is normally discarded, to be retained as top quality juice.


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Cross Flow filtration - Onsite

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